Will I be automatically rebilled?2021-03-28T18:49:25-05:00

You will not be automatically rebilled once your block account is used.  If you would like more GBs, you will need to complete the purchase process again from within your account center.

Which servers do I have access to (IPv4 and IPv6)?2021-03-28T18:48:45-05:00

With all accounts, you have access to the following servers:

US Server:


EU Server:


EU Server 2:



IPv6 Access (Your ISP and Newsreader must support this option)

US Server:


EU Server:


EU Server 2:


Which ports do I have access to?2024-02-29T22:25:08-05:00

All servers allow access on ports: 23,119, 443, 2000,8080 or 9000

For SSL connections on either server, you must use either port 563 or 5563

Which groups do you offer access to?2021-03-28T18:48:46-05:00

We currently offer access to almost all active newsgroups (86,000+). If your favorite group is not added, please send a message to support and we will submit the group for addition.

Which crypto currencies do you accept?2022-08-31T11:19:01-05:00

A list of our accepted crypto currencies is maintained here: Blocknews Crypto Payments

What happens if I use up my block account and would like more GB’s?2021-03-28T18:48:45-05:00

Simply login to your account and select your product and complete payment.  Your new purchase will be added to your account.

What do I need to get started with your service?2021-03-28T18:48:47-05:00

It is quite easy to get started with Blocknews.  You need only several things to do so.

1) An active account with us

2) A newsreader

There are many newsreaders out there.  Finding the best one to use can seem difficult, luckily there are many free ones that you can try, to find one that suits your needs.  Below is a list of some of the more common newsreaders.  Please note that this list is not by any means comprehensive, but can be used to point you in the right direction.  Blocknews does not recomend any of these newsreaders over the other.

  • GrabIt
  • Alt.Binz
  • SabNZBd
  • Newsbin
  • Newsleecher

There are many Usenet and Newsgroup related guides and forums on the web that have a wealth of information (way more than we could put in our FAQ pages!) that will assist you further with setting up your chosen newsreader and getting the most out of your account with us.

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How many concurrent connections am I allowed with my newsreader?2024-02-29T22:26:23-05:00

You are allowed to connect to our servers with up to 100 connections. Keep in mind that the maximum amount of connections is not always necessary and you should only use as many as needed to achieve your speeds, in other words, using to many can actually slow your total speed down. In most cases, 40-60 connections is plenty.

How Do Your Block Accounts Work?2021-03-28T18:48:46-05:00

Our block accounts are very easy to use, and depending on your personal usage, can be a great deal, even more so than an unlimited account!  It is real simple to see why!:

  1. Unlike some of our competitors, our block accounts do not expire!  Take 5 years to use it up!  We do not care!
  2. Pay once, and do not pay again until you want to purchase more GBs!
  3. We offer many different block account sizes to suit your needs!
  4. You may post using your block account as well, without having it count against your purchased bandwidth!

For example;

  • You purchase a 200 GB package today.
  • You know that your usage is relatively predictable and you download 5-10 GBs a week on average.
  • This account will last you 20-40 weeks (5-10 MONTHS)!  This works out to $2.50 per month!
  • Can you make it last longer?  Purchase a larger GB package?  The price per month gets even better!

Use our NEW Cost Calculator to see just how much you can save!  Access it HERE!

What do you need to use our service?

  • Internet Access
  • A Newsreader
  • Your Login Details Provided After Purchase
  • That’s It!!


Why pay $11 – $15 or more for an unlimited account when your monthly usage does not justify it??

Be aware of other so called “block account” providers!  Our competitors accounts expire after a period of time!  Others have higher prices!  Do not be fooled!

Truth is, many people do not use their unlimited account enough to justify the cost of them, yet they continue to pay each and every month!  With todays ISPs beginning to crack down with bandwidth restrictions, using an unlimited account to there fullest is proving to be even more difficult. This is why our block accounts make even more sense!

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Still in the market for an unlimited account?  We offer these as well through our alternative sites, UseNetNow.Net  and FrugalUsenet.com. No matter what your usenet needs, we have an account that can satisfy them.  We want you as a customer!

How do I contact support?2021-03-28T18:48:46-05:00

To contact support, you may click “Ask A Question” at the top right of any page within the FAQ pages, or select “Contact and Support” from our website.

Do your block accounts expire? Renew every month?2021-03-28T18:48:46-05:00

Our accounts DO NOT expire, and you will NOT be billed monthly.  Once you buy an account, you will have use of it until you use it up!  You will not be re-billed!

Do You Offer Unlimited Accounts?2022-08-31T11:14:23-05:00

We do not offer them here on BlockNews, however our sister sites UseNetNow.Net offers them at very competitive prices.  We also offer low cost, lower retention, dual usenet backbone accounts on Frugal Usenet.

Do you offer SSL encryption for increased privacy?2021-03-28T18:48:46-05:00

Yes, we offer 256-bit SSL encryption.

Do you offer refunds for unused service?2021-03-28T18:48:46-05:00

Due to the nature of the service, we do not offer refunds for block accounts, unless you have used 1 GB or less.

Do you monitor or record my activities?2021-03-28T18:48:46-05:00

Absolutely not. We do monitor the servers purely to keep them optimized for everyone’s use, however we never monitor or record your downloading activities nor do we monitor what groups you post to. We will however be vigilant on spammers, if you are found to be spamming your account will be terminated with no refund given.  More information can be found in our privacy policy.

Do you count headers in my download limits?2021-03-28T18:48:46-05:00

Traffic is discounted 10% to account for header downloads.

Do you accept any additional payment methods?2022-08-31T11:16:05-05:00

We do accept Paypal and we give you the ability to send in your payment by mail. To pay by Paypal, simply initiate the purchase process as normal from our Packages page.  Select Paypal as your payment method and follow the instructions to complete your purchase.  To pay by mail, select that option at checkout which will give you a form to print and mail to us with your payment.

We also accept many popular crypto currencies.  The various cryptos that we accept can be found here: Blocknews Crypto Payments

Can I share my block account with others?2021-03-28T18:48:46-05:00

Absolutely!  You may share your block account with friends, relatives…anyone, up until your purchased quota is used up.

Can I post with Blocknews.Net?2021-03-28T18:48:46-05:00

Yes you may post with our accounts, however these privileges or accounts in there entirety may be suspended if your account is found to be spamming.

Are there any speed limits?2022-08-31T11:16:43-05:00

There are no speed limits so you can download as fast as your connection allows!

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