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Welcome to BlockNews.Net. The standard for quality Usenet block accounts. We offer several attractive packages to suit just about any type of user, from the light user who enjoys the text groups to those who download frequently from the larger binary groups, we can get you going with the groups you want, and the speed you need! Blocknews offers several features for the Usenet enthusiast.

What Is The Advantage Of BlockNews?
- Pay Only ONCE! Never Any Rebilling!
- Keep Your Gigs Until Used! NO Expiration Like Our Competitors!
- Free SSL!
- Huge Savings Over Costly Monthly Unlimited Accounts!
- The Very Highest Of Retention! 4,460+ Days!
- Many Block Sizes To Suit Your Usage!

NewsGroup Access

We offer our users an uncensored feed, to almost all active newsgroups.

Choice of Server

We have two server locations for our users to choose from, one on the East Coast of the US and the other in Europe. This means you get the fastest speeds possible no matter where your location is.


With our storage spool constantly growing, retention is now at 4,460+ days for binaries, increasing day by day, and text is at over 10 years!


We offer our users the ability to use up to 50 connections.


Security is our greatest concern. This is why we give our customers the ability to use SSL encryption for their activities should they choose to.

Heavy user? Need more than a simple block account? Our sister site, UseNetNow. Net has some of the best prices on unlimited accounts! We are sure to have an account that suits your needs!

With these features, Blocknews.Net feels we can deliver one of the best Usenet experiences out there. You will get what you want, when you want it in minimal time from our lightning fast usenet system. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


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